FOTD 9/2/2012


 Praise the lawd for beauty shot. Seriously, I've been thinking that my photos have been turning out better than usual recently and it's because of this badass setting on my camera. I'm just using a standard 10.2 megapixel digital camera, the Samsung PL50, but the beauty shot mode smooths fine lines and blemishes and brightens your complexion. Who needs fancy lighting or Photoshop?!
Anyway, this is today's makeup look. After reading Sally's post relating to ulzzang, I kinda wanted to try the ulzzang look just for fun, but I don't have any circle lenses, so I decided to just do a similar doll-inspired makeup style instead. 

Quick Summary:
  • Foundation
  • Pale concealer to highlight Tzone and under eyes
  • Bronzer to contour sides of nose, temples and forehead
  • Fill in eyebrows
  • Pink blusher on cheeks
  • Little bit of foundation mixed with little bit of light pink lipstick on the lips
  • Thin kohl eyeliner applied around upper and lower lashlines with small outward horizontal flick
  • Line upper and lower waterline
  • Apply brown eyeshadow around eye just on top of kohl and blend with liner.
  • Butt load of lash primer and mascara to upper and lower lashes 


sally t. le said...

You can definitely pull of the uljjang look and also wear like those big circle lenses! I don't think many can do that, but you can because you have like that whole Eurasian thing going on! :D

Sara said...

I agree w/ the above comment. So pretty, seriously :) Followed you.


I must invest in a camera that has this feature...T_T

You look so pretty in these two photos! ^^

Yishi x

The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful said...

Sally: Thanks dude xD I dont know anything about ulzzang culture but its really fascinating and just looking at them kinda gives me chills! Definitely wanna try circle lenses to get the real look.

Sara: I replied on your blog :)

Yishi: Hehehe thank you, I bought the camera for like £70 2 years ago so it's probably super cheap now. I've done beauty editing before on professional photos and spent ages trying to get a similar effect.

Anonymous said...

Hi what brand and type of contact lenses do you wear? They look amazing!

The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful said...

Thanks :D they're fresh looks color blends in grey! I really like the colour blends range, the green and hazel ones are nice too and they do them with prescriptions which I need!

Tanya Arado said...

Wow!! you're so pretty. I swear.. :)