Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Airfoam.


It's the new Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam! I bought this yesterday in Sun Beige and here's what I think. (I'll add some of my own photos when I get round to taking them).

Initial Impression: Annoying but Intriguing.

I'm a complete sucker for gimmicks and novelty. But I don't really like Maybelline, in fact I don't think I have anything else in my makeup collection that is from Maybelline. When Dream Matte Mousse initially came out years back I was like "OMG Mousse?! WOW!" just because of the novelty factor. But when I tried it I couldn't stand it, it's sooo cakey and sets into lines, just BLEURGH. Waste of money quite frankly and I didn't want to be disappointed again.

But with this, the whole air/foam/canister/mousse thing was just too intriguing once again, and this is what really made me buy it.

Shades: There's 8. That's hardly enough but I guess that's standard for high street brands. I spent like 30 minutes trying to choose between Sun Beige and Sand. Sun Beige just looked a bit too dark and the latter too light. I ended up buying Sun Beige and when I got home and tried it on my face turns out it isn't too bad, it is a bit dark but I'm wearing a lot more turtle necks now it's winter so who can tell, and in the summer I'll be more tanned.

Dispenser: Another annoyance, I don't care about the fact you have to shake it cus I usually do that with my liquid foundations anyway, it's the fact that it's really hard to control the amount you get. I'm getting a bit more used to it now though, but I hate wasting product.

Coverage: I read some other reviews saying the coverage was too little or light but I have to disagree, I'd say it has medium coverage and definitely more than a tinted moisturizer (which is what I'd consider as light). And it looks and feels really natural which is a big bonus. Some of you may be familiar with Lisa Aldridge, and I totally agree with her motto of only covering what you need to. So this is great applied lightly all over the face to even out the skin tone, then use a concealer on your problem areas, you shouldn't cover up the good parts of your skin! Again I have to stress that it feels super light and it also sets really well on the face HOWEVER if it's rainy or you cry a lot, then you need to invest in a good finishing powder like Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder to repel the water. The reason for this is because it goes really milky when it comes in contact with liquid, more so than with other foundations in my experience.

Application: Yes it does dry quickly so it needs to be applied quite quickly to avoid streaks. But I don't mess around I like to get my makeup done quick so I'm pretty fast anyway. And application for me is very simple:

Ever seen a man apply aftershave? That's basically what I do, apply it on my fingers, rub my hands together and apply it in circular patting motions all over my face. It also helps to keep a wet sponge incase there are any streaks or if you want to blend away at your neck or hairline.

Lasting power: I'm still quite undecided about this. I don't think makeup ever stays perfect all day but when I look in a mirror halfway through the day I notice the problem areas which are dependent on the lasting power of my concealer and not so much the foundation. I do notice that my skin tone doesn't look as even after a while but yesterday I slacked with primer and setting powder which makes a huge difference. I'd say the lasting power isn't too bad, no better than other foundations but no worse either.

Price: RRP £8.99 from Superdrug but currently on sale for £6.99
I have no problem with this price whatsoever, it's quite a standard price for a high street brand and none of the other foundations I use are this cheap. The only other highstreet foundations that I've used and liked are Revlon PhotoReady Foundation which retails at £12.99 and 17 Photo Flawless Foundation which was £6.49.

Overall: For the moment I must say I like it!


sally t. le said...

I ended up buying this!! <3 The stores just came out with them. It's good because it's light to medium coverage (depending on how much I use). I already have a ton of other foundations, but I seeing as this is light coverage I think it's suitable for every day wear^^